Antique Carbon Arc Lamps And Early Electric Lighting Device Facebook Group

This Facebook group is an excellent resource for anyone interested in carbon arc lamps and other types of early lighting devices.

The Boston Museum Of Science

If you are ever in Boston you must visit BMOS.  This museum house the world’s largest air insulated Van De Graaff generator and they demonstrate it daily in their Theater Of Electricity.  It is simply amazing.  They also have two large 18″ diameter Tesla coils plus a smaller tube powered Tesla coil that are part of the show.  It can be a little scary for very young children, but otherwise is a “must see” for anyone interested in electricity!



Dr. Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz: electrostatic generators

Lots of historical information and images of different types of static generators.

Tesla Wardenclyffe Project

This group is devoted to saving Tesla’s Long Island laboratory.  The site contains fascinating images and historical information relating to Tesla’s huge Wardenclyffe transmitting tower.